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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hillary’s Greed is Destroying Her Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s book tour was supposed to be her first step on the road to the White House. Instead her publisher is looking at a $10 million loss on her royalties alone as shelves at every big box book store groan under unsold copies of Hard Choices and instead of answering softball questions about empowering women, she was forced to discuss her defense of a twelve year old girl’s rapist.

And then there was the money question.

Like the rest of their political movement, the Clintons want to be poor in spirit and rich in mansions. They want to play the class warfare game from a private jet. Usually the media lets them get away with it. No one asks Elizabeth Warren how she combines class warfare and a small fortune. But the media hacks holding out for a Warren candidacy began hammering Hillary over her enormous wealth.

And Hillary Clinton responded with off-the-cuff lies. Her “dead broke” gaffe reminded everyone why her husband wasn’t even the embarrassing one in the bunch. At least he could lie convincingly.

Hillary’s problem is that she is the inevitable candidate that no one actually wants. Everyone agrees that she has a lock on the Democratic Party’s nomination and yet no one likes her.



Anonymous said...

The liberal media still love her?

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a joke. But, of course, I'm already seeing bumper-stickers around town - 'Ready for Hillary'. These idiots walk among us.

Anonymous said...

But for her to be put up as the Dems' presidential candidate, she's a shoe-in for the post as the Blue Dog.

Anonymous said...

I am a republican.
I am not defending Hillary as a presidential candidate

What is wrong with someone making a lot of money?
I would rather have a successful person lead my country than someone who can't rub two nickels together.

Please judge the candidates on their talent, experience, and ability to handle complex issues

If you are shallow and jealous of someone's success you are missing the point.

America is the land of opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Kind of thick for a republican, 2:22. The money is not the point. The lying, the hypocrisy, and the source of much of that stash should be problems for her highness.

Anonymous said...

2:22-Some republican you are. Leave the party immediately. We don't need your kind.
You have totally missed the point. The point is how she lied in order to make herself appear to have been a peasant when the fact stands she had people in line waiting to lend her very large sums of money.
Another thing stop trying to deflect from the point by calling people "shallow and jealous." You are an embarrassment to the party if in fact you are a republican. It's the same tactic used when those who criticize Obama and Holder and they are labeled a racist.