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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Call the Cops


lmclain said...

Beating citizens who are already in HANDCUFFS? No way....Shooting people in the back? Say it ain't so...night sticking citizens who are prone and unresisting? Can't be true....Gang beating unarmed and unresisting citizens? Nah, never happens.
Ok. Ya got me. That damn video. You or I would do 15-life in prison for what is shown on just these few snippets. But wear a badge? You get to beat, rob, rape, assault, cripple, and kill with little worry about consequences. And punk ass States Attorney's go right along, willing to give us the max and look the other way for cops doing the same thing and worse. And ace kissing judges let all those felonies go unpunished (except for the ones regular citizens commit).
And then our "leaders" wonder why there is such animosity, disrespect, and hatred toward them....
History has shown ("proven" might be the better term) that this won't last forever.
Go at it while you can. You don't have the numbers or the weaponry to stop the rage that is coming. Rage that YOU created with that "WE ARE THE POLICE!!" strong arm Nazi storm trooper BS.
See you soon.

Anonymous said...

And as usual let the Imclain bashing begin. All the cops will come on here spewing their bogus defense.

Can't change what is on video.
We are no longer free.
You can spew your go along, get arrested and sue them in court mantra, but then.. you aren't really free then are you.

So sad to see how stupid and sheeple people are. So wrapped up in their simple petty lives, you never paid attention to the important stuff, you never saw it coming.

Anonymous said...

yeah remember after you bash the kops they wont come to help, I mean assault you and your family!
We can only hope that is the case!

Anonymous said...

No issues here, goo work officers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big rap fan, but this song I like. The sad part is it's all true. And on video.

Funny how we don't have the usual comments from the boot lickers. Maybe they finally realized their gig is about up. NOw you not only have gangs coming after you, allegedly, but not regular people are pissed at you and somewhat wide awake now.

I told you your time was short. Now it has gotten shorter. Keep laughing.