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Saturday, July 19, 2014

FBI: Allentown gang members put out hit on NJ cops

Law enforcement officers in one New Jersey city are on high alert after a warning issued by the FBI.

According to bureau sources, G-Shine Blood gang members from the Allentown area put out orders to kill law enforcement officers to retailiate against recent shootings involving a Jersey City police officer and a Bloods gang member.

Authorities said G-Shine Blood gang members KI and Rooster have "given the green light to kill law enforcement officers in response for killing a homie in Jersey City."

Both gang members are originally from the Pink Houses in Brooklyn, New York, and now live in the Allentown area, sources said.



Anonymous said...

Every gang member should be hunted down and eliminated on site by any means possible. They are parasites, human garbage and a cancer.

Anonymous said...

6:57 PM

That's what they are beginning to do, starting in JC. Until the bigger gang, the national guard shows up then they will move on to other kop gangs.