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Saturday, July 19, 2014

I Died Today. By, Duke Roberts

Jordan Roberts loved her dog, Duke. A lot.

After the 8-year-old lab's cancer returned, Roberts asked her friend, photographer Robyn Arouty, to capture Duke's last day before he was put to sleep in early July. Duke had lost one of his front legs to cancer already. The size of the tumor made it untreatable and inoperable.

The blog post on Arouty's website, called "I Died Today" and presented from the dog's perspective, has gotten worldwide attention.

Dukey's last day got hamburgers, plenty of love, a car ride and a romp through a children's water park.

The full photo essay is available on Robyn Arouty's photography website.



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there is no love than can match the one between man and his best friend.prayers for the family i have been down the same road.