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Monday, June 16, 2014

Truck load of beer spills over highway as driver falls asleep at wheel

A truck driver in South Dakota was having a Duff day on Wednesday after falling asleep at the wheel and spilling his cargo of beer across the highway.

Crates of Budlight were scattered across the median and the driver was seriously injured after his truck rolled and the trailer split open.

The truck had been traveling down the road at about 3.25am yesterday when it began drifting and then tipped over.



Anonymous said...

now this is a crime.... should get 10-20. was there any survivors, i think i see a 12 pack that appears to be ok

Anonymous said...

My dream came true...only in south dakota.

Anonymous said...

Location location .

Anonymous said...

I could drive around for eons and never witness such a thing,darnett.

Anonymous said...

Nature's way of eliminating crap beer!!