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Monday, June 16, 2014

Possible Child Drowning In Salisbury: UPDATE

Rescue workers are at Snow Hill Road and Main Street searching for a possible child drowning. No one is giving out any details but as soon as we know more we'll update this Post. 

UPDATE: They did recover a body of a possible 12 to 13 year old child. 

UPDATE: Adult male recovered from water west of spillway near foot bridge @ Snow Hill Road. Rodney Stevenson Jr, 25 yoa 

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Anonymous said...

That is a real shame...god bless

Anonymous said...

Adults and Kids Are ALWAYS fishing in the middle of the water on the ledge ....DNC gives out tickets but the CITY HAS FAILED they should have put up better protection from adults and kids getting to the middle of the water...RE "FENCE"...Salisbury get ready for another tax increase RE LAWSUIT...RIP .

Anonymous said...

Probably one of the lower shore clinic pts fishing for food what ashame.

Anonymous said...

Yup agreed with poster, get read for more taxes...

Anonymous said...

Its a shame idiots like you all are allowed to post your crap. He was a handicapped individual that lived in the community and bothered no one.
STHU, all of you.
You should be embarrassed by your ignorance and hate.