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Monday, March 24, 2014

Ron Paul: 'We're in a Revolutionary Stage'

( - As government gets bigger, it strays further from its central mission of protecting Americans' liberty, former Texas congressman and presidential hopeful Ron Paul told Fox News's Neil Cavuto on Wednesday.

"[E]ventually, we will have to wake up and decide what the role of government ought to be in this country," Paul said. Right now, he said the government uses the excuse of "fairness" or "safety" to take care of people -- believing that "people aren't smart enough to do this.

"So, we have accepted as a nation a role for government which was never intended by our Constitution and was never intended in a free society. So, in a way, we're in a revolutionary stage," Paul said.



Anonymous said...

Ron can be our modern day George Washington.

Anonymous said...

More like our modern day Benedict Arnold.

Anonymous said...

10:57 You obviously know nothing of the man or his ideology...You are either a rino Republican or a dyed in the wool Democrat commie.

Anonymous said...

4:20 I am surmising that 10:57 is a pinko, commie, liberal, progressive Democrat...Living in his Mommy's basement....I might be wrong