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Friday, March 14, 2014


Part of Obamacare (ACA) that the President and Dems are bragging about is that the plans under Obamacare are very comprehensive. (“more coverage at cheaper prices,” they chant.....not true, Obamacare has less coverage at higher prices!) The government states that everyones' former plans were inadequate and that we are much better off now that we have ACA, thanks to Papa Obama.

FYI: There are 19 health plans available to residents of Delaware. Of those, 8 are provided by ‘Coventry Health and Life’ or ‘Coventry Healthcare of Delaware’. The Coventry plans DO NOT cover significant treatments/therapies such as: chemotherapy, radiation, infusion therapy, and dialysis. Those things are NOT COVERED AT ALL; therefore, expenses incurred for those treatments do not have to be included in the accumulators for Deductible or Out-Of-Pocket-Max .

How can this be? I actually had to delve deep into the ‘’ website to find this out. The Coventry plans tend to have the least expensive premiums, so a lot of people in Delaware may elect them. Some of those people will not do enough research to know that their coverage is not comprehensive...... after all, their President told them it was really good it must be!

How can a person have their former policy canceled (a policy that probably did include chemo, radiation, infusion therapy, dialysis, etc), and then be forced by the government to have a policy that does not cover such things? What are those people supposed to do in the future if they are diagnosed with cancer, or need dialysis? It will make the job much easier for the Government’s “death panels,” because those patients will not be able to afford to live anyway. Not everyone has the guts to go all “breaking-bad” and become a Walter White. Maybe that’s why Obama secretly wants to legalize marijuana, so that everyone can just die painless and happy!

Furthermore: Obama and the Dems also brag that all policies cover pre-existing conditions. Well, what if a person already has cancer, had their policy canceled, and then elects one of the Coventry plans in Delaware..... They will come to find out that their cancer treatments are no longer covered, even though Obama told them it would be. Don’t criticize the patient because they should have done more detailed research into the plan before selecting it. Not everyone is that fastidious. They assumed that Obama told the truth that their pre-existing condition would be "covered". And, by "covered" everyone assumes that chemo and radiation are covered if your pre-existing condition happens to be cancer. Otherwise, what are they going to "cover"? Are they just going to give you unlimited quantities of morphine instead of providing actual treatment so that you can have a chance to survive?

Just wait until all of the employer/business mandates kick in; millions more people will be forced to have policies under Obamacare that provide less coverage at higher cost. The arrogance of Obama and the Democrats is truly disgusting.

Heidi, Millsboro, DE


Anonymous said...

so rather than cover existing conditions like the demon-crats stated Obama care would do. They now just don't cover anything, yup keep electing those aholes!Lovely!

Anonymous said...

It's possible because people demanded worthless policies be included. Originally they were not compliant and after 2016 they will no longer be compliant.

Anonymous said...

I rember all those women talking about Mitt Romney doesn't care about them. Now we get to see how these poor women have to deal with breast cancer. and yes you can thank the Democrats that care so much about us.

Anonymous said...

So, OweBlamaCareLess will not allow folks to keep their current 'substandard' plan but will allow them to buy this 'substandard' plan...

We voted for this!

Wake up LibTards!

Anonymous said...

I just don't see what everyone is complaning about.Our president is going to take care of everyone except ofcorse no republicans or anybody that is really sick.