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Friday, March 14, 2014

Perdue Poisons Public Air With Over 5 Million Pounds Of Hexane By Ray Wallace

From 2000 to 2010 Perdue released:
5,092,928 lbs. of hexane
into public air 
from two soybean-processing plants
in Virginia and Maryland.

Here's what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says:
Long-term exposure to hexane,
a toxic air pollutant, can cause
permanent nerve damage in humans.
Major sources are those
that emit more than
10 tons
of hexane a year.*

Here's what Perdue plans to permanently release from its new soybean-processing plant planned along the Susquehanna River:

208 tons
of hexane a year!!!

*See "Fact Sheet: Final Air Toxics Rule for Solvent Extraction in Vegetable Oil Production," at this U.S. Environmental Protection Agency site:


Anonymous said...

But smart meters are the big worry, right.

Anonymous said...

They treat their product better than they treat people!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy will get the same Baltimore lawyer who uses his tie to O'Malley to protect them -- just like the Bay pollution and chicken poop tax.

Anonymous said...

So, invent another method of extracting the oil out of a soybean that pollutes less, or STFU.

That's how it works here in America.

Go invent a better way; do something positive.

Anonymous said...

...why do you think the Wicomico is the most polluted river in Maryland? Perdue, you big dummies! Rape the land, pay chit wages, and you ninnies lap it up with glee!

Ray Wallace said...

Perdue could use the expeller method of mechanically extracting oil from soybeans, which uses no hexane or hazardous solvents.

Not only does the expeller method produce healthier, hexane-free soy oil, that process is being commercially used by Wenger's Mill in Lancaster County, Pa. -- the very same county that Perdue intends to needlessly poison by intentionally releasing tons of toxic, cancer-causing hexane into the air.

Furthermore, Perdue wants to store tanks of liquid hexane on the banks of the Susquehanna River! How much of it will be left to spill directly into the river, from which millions draw drinking water?

The following appears in the June 14, 2013 York, Pa. Daily Record / Sunday News:


So far Perdue has dodged a critical question about its proposed, taxpayer-subsidized soybean extraction factory in Lancaster County.

Due to recent advances in soybean extraction process, such as the preheat steam/expeller method, it is becoming clear that it is not necessary to use hexane to extract oil from soybeans on a scale that is profitable. Wouldn't the use of such methods eliminate Perdue's hexane pollution problems and help us all to breathe safer, cleaner air?

Area residents should be aware that Wenger's Mill, a local soybean extraction plant in Lancaster County, uses non-hexane extraction methods and already offers local farmers a market for over two-thirds of the soybean crops from our region. Will this business that does not pollute the air we breathe with toxic hexane be forced out of business if Perdue monopolizes the soybean market in our region?

If Perdue is committed to the hexane method, why did they recently acquire part ownership of an expeller type soybean extraction plant in North Carolina which does not use toxic hexane for soybean extraction?

Shouldn't this be Perdue's goal here: A job-producing plant that benefits area farmers but uses no toxic hexane in its soybean extraction process? 


Anonymous said...

Perdue will do what they can to improve this situation.
Negative Ninnies and Perdue Haters; keep it up. If they close in our area, we are dead.

Anonymous said...

937-That's what they want you to think. btw, there are decades of pollution reality that directly dispute that Perdue has attempted to improve this or other situations. They pull the "we'll leave town if you keep it up", and that's it.

Anonymous said...

SBY news spends a lot of time moaning about how businesses are leaving the shore yet gleefully raises an Alarming issue about the lower Shore's biggest employer. Are they in violation of EPA rules? NO. Is hexane use undesirable? Sure. You can bet that Purdue would rather not use hexane with all it's inherent safety, environmental and disposal issues. I'm sure that once alternative methods become viable to handle the volume needed at a competitive cost, Purdue would be quick to jump on board.

I also think it mildly amusing that many stories and comments on this site focus on Big Government getting out of the way and ending over regulation. This is a perfect example of why we need big government to help ensure public safety. It seems some of the commenters here are just fine with this as long as it relates to something in the local backyard.

Perdue directly employs over 10,000 people on the shore not counting all the secondary employment in support industries, restaurants, shops, farms etc. I for one am grateful they are here.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea mister wallace
just what perdue wants to do, kill everybody with hexane
are you really that stupid?
did someone from perdue pee in your corn flakes?
you are the perfect embodiment of someone being too smart by half
keep up the attacks on perdue
you probably drool at the thought of the chicken tax too, probably were part of its inception no doubt
do us all a favor and go away, far, far, away and take your conspiracy crap with you

Anonymous said...

and you all called em a tin foil hat wearing fool when I told you the govt and corps are killing us with poison...

OH NO, there is no one out in this world who wishes to do any one harm... That's not possible... You all said...

Yet here is the proof of your being poisoned... Who is the tin hate man now? thats right you all dumb asses are who fail to believe most people want to hurt you...

Anonymous said...

JOE there might be something to this I ate a chicken leg last night and my right eye twitched. So then I ate a thigh and my left eye twitched. I ate a breast and my stomach twitched. I ate both wings and my sphinkter twitched lol I will try it again this weekend with BBQ sauce I will let you guys know

Anonymous said...

I like to know how many people that live on the east side around the Zion road plant have lung issues?