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Friday, March 14, 2014

Americans Sick And Tired Of Wars For The Global Elite

A poll released earlier this week reveals Americans are following the advice of George Washington and Ron Paul. The United States should mind its own business and avoid getting involved in the Ukraine crisis. ) More


Anonymous said...

Stay out of Ukraine. They are going so far as voting among themselves. They used to be Russia. It's really to be left up to those folks.

Nobody on either side is threatening the United States, yet the first thing we do is threaten one of them?

Stay away. Let the South Pole take charge of this one!

Anonymous said...

Obama has an axe to grind with Putin over recent issues.Each and every one of us are made to look like fools now and then.If we are smart we'll learn from our mistakes and not make the same mistakes over and over.Obama has decided on the revenge option at our expense.The revenge option never works.It may make one feel better for a while,but in the end it does not work.