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Friday, March 14, 2014

Only 10 Percent Of Uninsured Americans Want Obamacare

Obamacare is collapsing. Only 10 percent of uninsured Americans who qualify for Obamacare exchange plans are signing up. Even with subsidies to soften the sticker shock, 90 percent of the people these plans were intended to help are saying “no thanks,” according to a survey released last week by management consultants McKinsey & Company. A majority says the plans are too expensive.

The Affordable Care Act requires most Americans to enroll in “essential coverage” by March 31 and attach proof of it when they file their 2014 taxes. The law imposes a tax on those who don’t comply.

Not a mere $95, as widely thought. The tax is 1 percent of your adjusted gross income, with additional taxes for each uninsured child. If you, your spouse and three kids are uninsured, and your income is $75,000, your penalty could add up to $1,750 for 2014. Not chump change, yet not enough to force the uninsured to buy plans. Chief Justice John Roberts warned that a tax steep enough to do that would violate the Constitution.



Anonymous said...

An idiot plan for idiot people from an idiot president. The biggest disruption of the American economy by a president in the modern era. Forever his legacy: Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

It is the biggest disruption of the economy as well as freedom in the history of this country

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge the first Socialist ever to serve as President and know doubt the biggest liar to serve.

Anonymous said...

That's what this assumed dicktater wants. It is what he said he was going to do from day one on the airwaves. 5 years later people are only now starting to listen to what he has been saying from day one. He is going to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM this country!!!! I would think that the fundamental part includes the constitution, bill of rights etc. but I have been wrong before.....

Anonymous said...

Of course because it might cut back on what they have to spend on cigarettes, lottery tickets and booze. Rather stick the ER with a bill that will never get paid.
Ask them why not and it is "I cannot afford it" ask them how much it is costs and they have no idea. Just want someone else to pay for them.