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Monday, February 17, 2014

Watch This Video For My Sake, Because I'm Asking You To


Anonymous said...

Well said Dennis just a shame enough people dont hear what you said.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we need to fear Iran, we need to fear Russia and the country that we owe a bundle, China. China owns this country. Cyber war is next, they are already practicing so they can jam up our communications and power grid. The first strategic tactic in any war is to cut off the enemies communication. They don't need nukes to bring this country to it's knees. We are our own worst enemy.

Anonymous said...

spot on Dennis Prager. this really is a must listen video.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple months supply of everything , after that it's survival of the fittest .
Like I said before , if you have something I need , I will take it. I have all that is needed to take or to get anything by force or otherwise.
Most of the people who don't adhere to being prepared will be the liberal democrats anyway.
So , they will be gone for good!

Bush'man said...

What a phenominal presentation. I would so much like to hear the entire address. Would that be possible to post?
It was good seeing you downtown.

Anonymous said...

Our Godless society cannot even see the problems that we are facing because we are too busy worrying about who is "homophobic" or "racist" or what big scandal is going on out in Hollywood or in Washington.

The speaker was talking about his generation not being taught about Americanism. The generation that is coming up now hasn't been taught basic human dignity, compassion, empathy, love for oneself or others, etc....., etc...., etc....

American was as great as it was because we were a God loving, God fearing people. God rewarded us.

Then we spit in his face. We told him we didn't need him anymore. In our homes or our schools, in our museums or our court houses. We basically told him we didn't need him anywhere anymore. He is no longer rewarding us.

As we are today, we are not the greatest hope for mankind. My greatest hope is that I will not be here for the worst of it because Jesus will have returned and rescued me. But if I am still, at least he will be with me.

In my opinion, that is the first change we need to make. We need to ask God to forgive us for kicking him out of our society. We need to ask Him to come back. And then we need to clean both houses.

Fire away all you God haters, I'm sure Satan is sitting on someone's shoulder just waiting to attack this comment.