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Monday, February 17, 2014

Moving Is Never Fun Or Easy

Who would have ever thought we would have seen SNOW on Saturday. Between the wind, the cold and snowy conditions, we spent the weekend taking years of furnishings out of 300 W. Main Street as we have received word there will be a closing on the sale of my old building Downtown.

A neighbor asked how I felt about selling the building and quite frankly it actually caught me off guard. I replied, It's bitter sweet. I'm very excited for the buyers as they will create an incredible Wine Bar Restaurant downstairs and yesterday I came to learn they are actually planning on moving into the building as their main residence. Now that's exciting!

There is more space in that building than most people realize and IF I had my way and I didn't have so many animals and vehicles, believe me, I would have pushed to make the entire building our main residence as well. So in a sense I'm a bit jealous. 

Spending all the years I did living in New York City, I love the City Life. I can sleep right through sirens and loud people making noise down below. To me it's like a Grandfather Clock. Over time you simply stop hearing the chime. 

Nevertheless, the majority of my things we want to take with us are out and we're all working together to complete the sale in the very near future. 

It was a great time Salisbury. For now I'll sit on the outside looking in and see where the elected officials take what could be one of the greatest Cities in Maryland. 


Anonymous said...

So will you still continue the fight against Salisbury, officials and projects, now that you will not own property in the city?

JoeAlbero said...

9:22, we aren't called Salisbury News for nothing. I live less than a quarter of a mile from the Salisbury line. Just because I sold my building doesn't mean I won't be doing what we've been doing for the past 9 years.

Anonymous said...

That building has played host to so many things over the years. I have great memories of meeting on the second floor to rehearse for an outdoor play that was held on the plaza. Must have been the summer of 82 or 83.

Anonymous said...

So you hear nothing at night? Good to know.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 10:07, bring it on. With 28 animals on our property, just try trespassing and getting away with it. I'll be happy to show any honorable judge your comment when they come to investigate why there's a bullet between the eyes of someone who doesn't belong on our property and refused to read the No Trespassing signs.

One only needs to ask/see the last Fox that killed one of our chickens a few weeks ago when I shot that SOB on the run. So go ahead and try me. Smile for all the infra red cameras too.

Anonymous said...

I was downtown Saturday evening across from your building at the W.O.R.K. punk show and the plaza looked like a ghost town. It made me sad and nostalgic for 60's.

Anonymous said...

Liberals killing America.

Anonymous said...

IF POLLITT runs again i WILL sell my two homes in wicomico and move Enough is Enough.Go Culver.

Anonymous said...

i must say i'm a bit jealous myself. if i could i'd sell my house for sure and get out. unfortunately for me my home value is probably worth less than i paid for it over 20 years ago. that in itself and having 10 years to go until it's really mine, i'd just as soon pack up and leave the house behind if i found a better job else where, no wonder there are so many vacant homes in this city

Anonymous said...

Look at Wicomico's Budgets

FY-2012 - $112,842,805
FY-2013 - $116,762,531
FY-2014 - $127,677,324

*State income tax revenues substantially down

*Real Property revenues down

You do the math, Wicomico's taxpayers are being set-up for the perfect storm and it ain't going to be pretty.

Anonymous said...

mr albero:

I think you did the right thing by selling the property. You can hear the thunder before the storm. Salisbury and wicomico county are almost in as bad as shape as our presidents home city CHITOWN.

Good luck with all you do.
Also thanks for giving a s$%& about the town of sby and all its problems and keeping us informed and trying your best to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Just keep selling all of your junk and move far away tough guy. You give white man bad name.