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Monday, February 17, 2014

O'Malley Accomplishments

It is extremely important that people all over the country know what Martin O'malley has done to Maryland tax payers. He will be running for President in the next election. I am sure that with his inflated ego and the political ignorance of the voting public he believes he can win or at least get vice president. The list below needs to be sent to all of your email friend especially those friends in other states and ask them to send it on.

O'Malley's fans in the press and media have proclaimed the Governor has had another successful session. Let us review the "gifts" that O'Malley has provided for his fellow Marylanders during the past 6 ½ years:

Gas Tax hike
Sales Tax hike
Alcohol Sales Tax hike
Rain Tax
Flush Tax Increase
Toll Tax Increase
Surcharge fee for windmills
Surcharge fee for power company infrastructure
Hundred thousandaire tax
Millionaire tax
Hospital tax on beds
Corporation tax increase
Death certificate fee increase
Birth certificate fee increase
Tobacco tax increase
Vehicle title tax increase
More than 30 tax and fee increases confiscating 7 billion dollars from Maryland families
Record high debt to the point of placing Maryland on the Triple A Watch List
Gun bill
Convicted felons voting
New college for prison inmates
Early release policies for violent criminals
Mismanagement of the state's prison system
Amnesty for juvenile criminals
Driver's licenses for illegal aliens
Discounted college tuition for illegal aliens
Public benefits to attract more illegal aliens to Maryland
2 billion dollars in hidden taxes and costs to support 300,000 illegals in Maryland with more on the way
Increases from $50 million to more than $200 million dollars in costs for English language training
Same sex marriage
Stole taxpayers' money from state trust funds in order to balance a dishonest budget
Confiscated more than $1 billion dollars from the transportation trust fund
Used most of the gas tax revenue and transportation trust fund to subsidize busses, light rail, and subways creating a welfare mass transit system
Speed cameras
Created a big brother type state government with authority over local government with Plan Maryland and Smart Growth
Created an extremist environmental atmosphere, harming agriculture, farming, and small business
Lost 100,000 jobs, lost 10,000 small businesses, and lost more than 40,000 residents since the beginning of his term in office

And, don’t forget the $220 million boondoggle called the MD Healthcare Website that still doesn’t work and after millions more spent trying to fix it, it may be abandoned for the Federal site that works oh so well!


Anonymous said...

The media certainly won't vet him -
if the powers that be want him- it's up to all of us to expose the incompetent racketeer.

I have said before this Presidential campaign is a scam to grab repayment for his betraying of Maryland and service to Progressive parasites who are receiving his Marxist income transfers.

He will be all over the matching funds, the Union slush funds, and perks for being on a handful of State's ballots.

Ironshire said...

Oh, there has to be at least another 50 negative/liberal things that old Marty has done to the citizens of this state.... And his buddy Mathias is right there with him!

Anonymous said...

His ego has no reason to be inflated. According to a recent poll by the Baltimore Sun, he only got 6% in the democratic primary choice. This goes to show what Marylanders think of him. He is a nothing and should go crawl back in the hole he came out of so as to not continue embarrassing himself and his family.

Anonymous said...

think about what barack has done to us

Anonymous said...

Impressive indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

He can promote his "Rain Tax " and "Chicken Tax". Yeah, Yeah go MOM!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.

Anonymous said...

OweMalley's biggest accomplishment?

Uniting any and all Marylanders with both a pulse and a brain in universal scorn of this oily, self serving (insert your favorite derisive noun here)!