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Monday, February 17, 2014

High Rate Of Approval For ‘Dreamers’ Vexes Critics Of Immigration Reform

The test run for immigration legalization — the 2012 program to grant tentative legal status to young illegal immigrants — has exposed some serious problems that likely would need to be solved if Congress approves a broad immigration reform bill creating a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 12 million in the country illegally.

From exceptionally high approval rates — 97 percent of all applicants have been given legal status — to accusations that the government gave the illegal immigrants’ applications priority over those of legal immigrants, the trial run shows some of the difficulties in administering any legalization.

For young immigrants who have obtained legal status, it has been a boon. They have gained work permits and are able to access some privileges such as obtaining driver’s licenses.


Anonymous said...

My son works construction, with Hispanics both legal and undocumented. The latest scam being used to take advantage of Obama's "Dream Act". Illegal Mexicans are sneaking across the boarder shortly after turning eighteen. They then enter US public school systems, without documentation as seventeen years old. They are then eligible for US citizenship and all the benefits that go with, under the Dream Act.

Anyone want to venture a guess what party they vote for?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the United Communist States of Amerika, Comrades