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Monday, February 17, 2014

Judge Finds St. Louis, MO's Red Light Camera Ordinance Invalid, Orders Halt Of Ticket Enforcement

Another red light camera company is in trouble, this time in St. Louis, MO, where a judge has just invalidated the city's red light camera ordinance. American Traffic Solutions (whose legal issues we've detailed here previously) has just had its camera system kicked to the curb as a result of some questionable moves it made during a recent lawsuit.

A St. Louis judge issued an order Tuesday that invalidates the city's red-light camera ordinance.

Circuit Judge Steven Ohmer wrote in the order that the city is prohibited from attempting to enforce the ordinance, sending violation notices, processing payments or sending collection letters relating to the tickets.

So what prompted Ohmer to shut down the system? Well, the tickets that were central to the case, which were over a year old at the point of the suit's filing, were dismissed almost immediately after the lawsuit was filed. Why the sudden show of largesse?

Those named in the suit — including the city, Mayor Francis Slay, Police Chief Sam Dotson and American Traffic Solutions Inc., which operates the cameras — had argued to dismiss it. Some of the defendants said the claims were moot because the tickets had been dismissed and that the petitioners lacked standing because they were not hurt by the ordinance.



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Anonymous said...

You know, we've heard this argument before; that the speed cams and red light cams only ticket the car's owner, not the driver, or perpetrator of the crime.

The argument is answered with the age old parking ticket reasoning that "well, cars are given parking tickets without a driver present".

Which brings me to the conclusion that parking tickets are issued just as illegally as speed cam and red light cam tickets are.

It's time to get rid of all three to be legal and fair.

Anonymous said...

Remove Ireton's Theft Cams from our streets.

Anonymous said...

This story and Salisbury’s traffic cams remind me of the origins of the phrase "Highway Robbery".

Anonymous said...

9:10 - simply remove Ireton!