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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Letter To The Editor: RIght Church Wrong Pew


After years of waiting for the City to address the inequity of downtown residential trash pick up the City erected this “thing” in parking lot #1 , you know that one that they stopped issuing parking permits for so that they could sell it, ha ha. With stake holder input, the City had agreed to find a different , better location on parking lot #15 where it could appropriately concealed with landscaping and the existing transformer and not interfere with supposedly developers plans

They, unfortunately put this , frontiertown thing in the old proposed location, front and center stage to downtown visitors.


Anonymous said...

real classy

Anonymous said...

Great idea, very very wrong location. And its ugly

Anonymous said...

I thought that they were not issuing parking permits so that they could sell this lot. Why would they invest in this expense if they are going to sell it and have to remove it

Anonymous said...

You want leaders deciding whats good for downtown and they erect this POS?

Anonymous said...

Was a study paid for to come up with this brainstorm?

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 1:23, the morning after I called Ireton and Day out on stopping people from purchasing permits for that lot, they immediately opened it back up again to sell permits.

Ireton and Day were caught with something up their sleeve because they knew even IF they had sold the lot it would take more than a year to develop something. Heck, it takes more than a year to get a freakin permit in Downtown Salisbury.