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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I need your help, Joe
Barack Obama to you

Joe --

Tonight is the last fundraising deadline before 2014 -- when we'll elect the last Congress I'll ever work with.

This one is critical to accomplishing what we set out to do. So if you can, please chip in $10 or more right now:

Happy New Year!



lmclain said...

Send it back and ask for proof he's "worked with congress".

Anonymous said...

in your ear obama thanks sjd

Anonymous said...

Dear Barack, please hold your breath forever...

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,

You wouldn't believe how outrageously expensive golf balls are out here in Hawaii, and I'll be losing them at a regular clip during my lengthy vacation.

Plus supporting that Obamacare man-boy; keeping him in clean onesies and hot chocolate refills ain't cheap either.

With your Obamacare savings you gotta have some spare coin so chip in and lend a hand.