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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Obama's War On Coal Will Harm Economy, Do Little For Environment

Coal-mining states like West Virginia and Kentucky are facing huge job losses and many Americans will see a rise in electricity costs due to Environmental Protection Agency regulations that critics call President Obama's "war on coal."

Specifics on the stringent new regulations on coal are expected to be finalized sometime next year, and existing coal-fired power plants will likely be shuttered around the country in an effort to appease environmental concerns.

Economist Nicolas Loris, who studies energy, environmental and regulatory policy at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, said the regulations will deliver a blow to the economy and raise costs for consumers, while doing little to improve the environment or reduce carbon emissions.



Anonymous said...

Congress can stop this and should stop this. It's time to tell Obama he isn't a king or God.

Anonymous said...

If Obama gives you a reason for why he is doing this, it is not true. The man is a liar. Since that giant boat got caught in ice on a global warming expedition, he has changed his tune. It's no longer global warming, it's climate change.

Anonymous said...

i just wish he could be cold for a week.

Anonymous said...

940 wake up. It's been called climate change for 10 yrs now