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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Nearly $85 Million Paid To Dead Federal Retirees In 2013

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) erroneously paid $274 million in benefits to deceased federal retirees over the past three years, including $84.7 million in 2013 alone, according to the agency’s annual financial report.

OPM’s FY 2013 financial report released in mid-December revealed that improper “overpayments” to deceased federal annuitants under its retirement program reached $102.9 million in FY 2011, $86.1 million in FY 2012, and $84.7 million in FY 2013 for a total of nearly $274 million during that three year span.

According to the OPM report, improper payments made by the agency include “underpayments (monies that OPM owes to the annuitant) and overpayments (monies that OPM has paid out to the annuitant erroneously or in excess of entitlement).”



Anonymous said...

That's great. And they are going to manage our health care? Nothing can go wrong here.

Anonymous said...

Another scandal in the making.Government employees at high levels are transferring funds to foreign accounts,so a task force would be like a fox guarding the henhouse.We have never been told the full reasons why foreign banks have discontinued various types of American accounts,but this is one huge reason right here.Those governments are sick of being a party to OUR government corruption.

Anonymous said...

We have never found out what happened to the 9 billion in credit card charges military officers charged for personal use,you think they will get to the bottom of this?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, something is wrong with this picture. The Government can listen to our cell phone conversations and yet can't keep accurate records of deceased individuals who receive Government payments???? Really, someone is pocketing something!