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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Newark’s Carjacking Epidemic

Short Hills, New Jersey (My9NJ) -The two suspects wanted for the recent shooting of a young lawyer in front of his wife during a carjacking gone terribly wrong at Short Hills Mall, are still at large.

The couples' stolen SUV was found the following day abandoned in Newark and New Jersey’s largest city ranks among the top in the nation for vehicle thefts.

There are about 400 carjackings a year in Essex County alone. While Los Angeles and New York rank high in carjackings, Newark takes the cake.

In fact, people in Newark are known for posting videos of stolen cars doing drag races, donuts and drifting in the streets. Often times, in the videos, you can see cop cars chasing the reckless divers on the city’s main streets.

Critics say that more needs to be done to stop this from happening.



Anonymous said...

"Critics say that more needs to be done to stop this from happening."
Ya think??

Anonymous said...

Second Amendment would stop this from happening.

ginn said...

How're those gun laws workin' out for ya now, Christie?
To tell you the truth, I really have no sympathy for these people. They are the ones who don't want the ability to protect themselves. They are the ones who vote for anti-gun laws. They are the ones who want criminals to be the only ones armed. So, frankly, let them suffer the repercussions of their idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Genius,
those guns on newark streets come directly from lax gun show sales laws from the south.
inform yourself.