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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Facebook Bans Phil Roberson Support Page Administrator for 12 hours.

UPDATE: The administrator of this page was banned for next 12 hours because this page generated 4.5K likes in "1 hour." People you are getting the word out! Continue to spread that we will boycott A&E until Phil Robertson is put back Duck Dynasty.

If A&E doesn't care about their revenue stream that DD was giving them, then let's help them know care by boycotting them - Wayne Dupree Show

Editors Note:  This facebook page was started 15 hours ago and already has over 470,000 likes. 

12:50pm This facebook page now has over 512K likes 

1:50pm Likes are up to 557K 

3:10 Likes are now up to 606K.  They now have more likes on their page in less than 24 hours than A&Es has since 2008.  A&E has 584K likes.



Anonymous said...

As of 12:40 PM 12/19/13 well over 500,000 likes and climbing.

Anonymous said...

Im surprised the president has'nt spoke about this yet.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Uh,for duck Dynasty...not so much for A&E!