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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Obamacare Jumps The Shark With 'Gay' Christmas

NEW YORK – In an effort to woo a demographic the White House considers key to the success of Obamacare, a campaign called Out2Enroll has produced a video commercial that will test the sensibilities of many Americans who might otherwise be tolerant of the homosexual-rights movement.

While the Christmas-themed ad sponsored by major left-wing groups may be “gay” in every sense of the word, its aim is serious, as the White House is aware that a disproportionate number of homosexual Americans are uninsured and qualify for premium subsidies under Obamacare

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Anonymous said...

Just keep shoving your perverted agenda at the public.
I do not see the connection between homosexuality, sex, Christmas and buying healthcare.
The next commercial should be a bunch of illegals at a homosexual Christmas taco festival.

Anonymous said...

The president approves this message because it has been said he did homosexual acts when he was younger. I don't know if he has stopped since then. As a muslim himself, I know he hates gays, (he hates himself?), but is just using them for political gain, AND as a muslim, it is ok for them to lie to their enemy.

And that would be the American people, since he has lied to us so often.

Anonymous said...

7:28, you left out voting in the next one.

Anonymous said...

So sick of having this crap thrown in my face on a daily basis--I don't care what these perverts do to each other's rectums--just don't force me to pay for it!!!!

Anonymous said...

These people are vile, bigoted, deviant homosexuals and they should be imprisoned for violating sodomy and subversion laws that they are breaking.
As for the Government that sponsored it?
The same applies.