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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Hillary Clinton Partied While Benghazi Mission Begged For Help

Hillary Clinton can’t point to any actual diplomatic achievements during her time as Secretary of State. The one thing they bring up endlessly is how often she traveled and how many parties she attended.

Take this New York Times profile

In contrast, even when members of Mrs. Clinton’s own party describe her achievements, they tend to point to a lot of miles traveled (956,733 to be exact).

While at the State Department, Mrs. Clinton enjoyed generally positive media coverage and some of her highest approval ratings. She was often portrayed as a pantsuit-wearing globe-trotter, hitting the dance floor in Pretoria, South Africa, and partying in Cartagena, Colombia.

Because 8 years of a White House occupant who goes from party to party just weren’t enough. And what was going on while Hillary Clinton was “hitting the dance floor“?

On August 30, just 12 days before the U.S. Consulate was overrun in a coordinated terrorist attack and four Americans were murdered, Clinton was in Rarotonga, a South Pacific island between New Zealand and Hawaii, population 13,000. Judging by the festive, tropical welcome party pics, it looks like it was a fun time.

Is that unfair? Not at all.





Anonymous said...

She should be barred from seeking any public office including dog catcher.

Anonymous said...

This story is complete and utter BS. Go ahead and believe it and tell us how that crap sandwich tastes.

Anonymous said...

1:37 Why is this story BS? I do believe it, Hillary is a muslim brotherhood sympathizing immoral lying Alinskyite who should be hung for her crimes-Whitewater, Vince Foster, Huma Abedin et al. Grow up you moron

Anonymous said...

what difference does it make?

Anonymous said...

Nero fiddled.Hillary diddled.

Ohbama OhClintons Crooked Bastards said...

Benghazi Hillary GUILTY OF TREASON ON ALL COUNTS - LIFE IN PRISON. Bill could bring snacks if he is not busy chasing some skirts around.

Anonymous said...

Another surprise