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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Dog Found 12-5-13 UPDATED

Dog found in Nevins Mill on Calebs Way. Older female with collar. Black and White. Call 410-742-2698.


Anonymous said...

Owner Located

Anonymous said...

So glad u found your doggie ! Nice when owners let the public know .

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

A couple years ago I lost both of my dogs and you helped us locate them. Unfortunately one of them was killed by being hit by a car on Rt. 50.

I will never forget the awful feeling I had just wondering where they could be. It was so frustrating to know they could be anywhere since dogs can travel a good distance in a short time.

I don't want to sound like I am placing an add so I will not name any brands but recently we got a new puppy and I have found a product that is a GPS tracker that snaps onto the dogs collar.

Its light weight and water proof and will not only show where my dog is but will text me right away if my dog leaves my yard.

Another side effect of this cool device is that it can also track and document your dogs daily activities. I know how much time my dog spent sleeping, playing because this device also keeps track of these on a website or phone app. This is handy because you can see trends in your dogs behavior and it can come in handy with a vet visit.

This device cost me $100 and then has a service fee of about $8.00 a month.

I mention this because I now feel much better knowing that I can locate my dog if she gets loose again. Of course this doesn't take away the danger of her being hit by a car but I can at least get to her quickly and directly if I do lose her.

I know that dreadful sleepless night feeling when you lose your dog and I just wanted people to know that devices like the one I purchased are out there and are becoming very affordable.

Maybe this bit of advice can help others avoid dealing with the nightmare of losing your beloved pet.