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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Challenging Transition To Adulthood For Marylanders With Disabilities

FREDERICK – Like any mother of an active 20-year-old, Frederick County resident Michele Baisey has her hands full. But in addition to helping her son, Troy, balance school, work and home life, she faces a looming deadline that is unsettling for many parents in her position.

Troy Baisey, who was born prematurely, suffers from cerebral palsy and hearing loss. He is considered a “transitioning youth,” which means he will soon lose the guarantee of state assistance.

In Maryland, young adults with disabilities are entitled to public education until age 21. After that, families must apply for support through various programs and organizations. Services and financial assistance are contingent on eligibility requirements and the availability of funds.

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Anonymous said...

In this area DOORS and Goodwill and a few other places maybe will help him. His mother is even more fortunate because there is not much in a rural area such as the Eastern Lower Shore. She has a lot more available to her in the Fredrick area. Lots of help from Baltimore agencies. Better to be near Baltimore.