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Thursday, December 05, 2013

After 12 Yrs Of U.S. Occupation, Afghanistan Sets Record For Growing Opium

( - After 12 years of occupation by U.S. military forces, Afghanistan set a record for growing opium poppies in 2013, according to newly released data from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

“Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan reached a sobering record high in 2013,” said the UNODC. “According to the 2013 Afghanistan Opium Survey, cultivation amounted to some 209,000 hectares, outstripping the earlier record in 2007 of 193,000 hectares, and representing a 36 per cent increase over 2012.”

In fact, according to the latest worldwide data on opium-poppy cultivation, Afghanistan dedicates more land to the cultivation of opium poppies than all of the rest of the world combined.



Anonymous said...

And now you know who grows all the opium.

Anonymous said...

Obama creating jobs.

Anonymous said...

The money made from opium and opium warlords goes to fund black operations and CIA regime changes. The drug money to fund the operations comes with no strings to tie it to our defense budget or national security budgets.

Twelve years of Afghanistan occupation by our military and the opium production has quadrupled, and heroin use in America has risen 400%.