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Saturday, December 28, 2013

1970s Global Cooling Alarmism

During the 1970s the media promoted global cooling alarmism with dire threats of a new ice age. Extreme weather events were hyped as signs of the coming apocalypse and man-made pollution was blamed as the cause. Environmental extremists called for everything from outlawing the internal combustion engine to communist style population controls. This media hype was found in newspapers, magazines, books and on television;



Anonymous said...

I read where an Asst Professor at Iowa State got busted for adding human blood to an experiment he claimed was a cure for AIDS and received 19 million from NIH. When his scam was found to be bogus through testing -- he was made to agree not to apply for anymore Gov't grants for the next 3 years was the only penalty he faced

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis.
Everybody knows that poles are shifting, just ask mayor Jimmy

Anonymous said...

stripper poles, maybe.