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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Welcome To My World


Anonymous said...

Sums up Barak Hussein Obama in one sentence. This explains his community organizing victim mentality and his hateful vitriolic rhetoric against those who oppose his Marxist
"fundamental transformation" of the
United States of America.

Thank you Mr. Orwell for so eloquently describing our Presidents failure.

Anonymous said...

We are just about at the point of no return...Obamacare is the final stroke, the death blow...not an instantaneous one, but one that is insidious--the country will struggle as it has been, but with the crippling premiums and deductibles the "Affordable Heath Care Act" has, the now predicted 93 million that will lose their insurance, the regulations, the spying, we will slip into a total dependence on a government controlled by a tyrant. The low information voters will blindly continue the status quo as far as elected officials, and we, as a nation, are done.

Anonymous said...

Responding to 12:54 Posting

So true. In the Bible it speaks about the two witnesses. In the end, society tramples on them for speaking the truth. After they are dragged and it publically exhibited - we know that the truth they espoused will prevail as prophesized in the Bible.