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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Black Mob Violence Suspected In Veteran’s Death

A popular community figure nicknamed the “Hot Tamale King” for his tamale festival work has been beaten to death allegedly by four black youths in another disturbing incident of black mob violence in Jackson, Miss.

Lawrence “Shine” Thornton, 87, died on Oct. 20 after he succumbed to injuries he sustained after the four suspects allegedly attacked him in apparent mugging attempt a few days earlier.

Thornton served as “Hot Tamale King” for the Delta Hot Tamale Festival hosted in Jackson and was well-known in the region and among tamale connoisseurs for his tamale recipe. He also served in World War II

All four suspects have been arrested and have been charged in the murder of Thornton. Two of the suspects are 18 years old and the other two are 19.



Anonymous said...

AL Sharpton says that these children were doing this because he made fun of their clothing. They were just getting rid of their frustrations. These are children , they should be excused from adult laws.

Anonymous said...

You will never hear about it on mainstream media...