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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Garden Plot: New Md. Lawn-Care Laws Now In Effect

New Md. lawn-care laws are now in effect

Rick in Rockville is one of many procrastinators out there who have tarried with their turf.

"Is it too cold to put fertilizer and lime on the lawn now?" he writes.

First, don't put lime on your lawn unless a soil test shows it's necessary. Lime is not a lawn food. It's only used to bring up a low soil pH, and it does more harm than good if your soil isn't overly acidic.

It's also getting pretty late in the season to feed, both technically and, since you live in Maryland, legally. That's right - legally.



Anonymous said...

Excuse me. I will fertilize my lawn anytime I damn please.

Anonymous said...

Im surprised there is no special permits needed to fertilize.

Anonymous said...

2:35 you will until your liberal neighbors call the fertilizer police….

Anonymous said...

4:35 There are permits needed. If you are in the lawn care business you are required to purchase a permit. It's called another O'Malley tax.

Anonymous said...

How long before the state of MD regulates how many breaths we're permitted to take per minute?