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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Obama Donor’s Firm Hired To Fix Web Mess It Created

WASHINGTON — A tech firm linked to a campaign-donor crony of President Obama not only got the job to help build the federal health-insurance Web site — but also is getting paid to fix it.

Anthony Welters, a top campaign bundler for Obama and frequent White House guest, is the executive vice president of UnitedHealth Group, which owns the software company now at the center of the ObamaCare Web-site fiasco.

UnitedHealth Group subsidiary Quality Software Services Inc. (QSSI), which built the data hub for the ObamaCare system, has been named the new general contractor in charge of repairing the glitch-plagued

Welters and his wife, Beatrice, have shoveled piles of cash into Obama’s campaign coffers and ­apparently reaped the rewards.



Anonymous said...

Another crony group getting taxpayer dollars to make the same pig look nice!

Anonymous said...

I believe the whole bammycare scam had a twofold agenda: 1. Make money for he and his buddies and 2. Screw the county up as much as possible. Mission damn near completed!