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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Top Dem Admits: ‘We Knew’

House Democratic whip Steny Hoyer conceded to reporters today that Democrats knew people would not be able to keep their current health care plans under Obamacare and expressed qualified contrition for President Obama’s repeated vows to the contrary.

“We knew that there would be some policies that would not qualify and therefore people would be required to get more extensive coverage,” Hoyer said in response to a question from National Review Online.



Anonymous said...

Admitting they knew shows this was intentional (screwing everyone - that is).

It would have come out eventually.

Anonymous said...

Fire him!!!

Anonymous said...

9:18 please steny has been in congress for years and as long as DC is surrounded by maryland that will never change

Anonymous said...

Jail time for all of them, lets take her back NOW !!!

Anonymous said...

Stenny is a douche bag

Anonymous said...

Stenny knew about the union carve outs too. They are exempt.