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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Md. Health Insurance Carriers To Drop 73K Members

The Maryland Insurance Administration says carriers have notified the state that they plan to discontinue non-grandfathered individual health benefit plans affecting more than 73,000 members in Maryland next year.

Individual health insurance policies are being canceled for millions of people nationwide who buy individual insurance policies as federal health care reform requires plans to cover certain benefits. Policies are being discontinued because they don't meet the higher benefit requirements of the Affordable Care Act.



Anonymous said...

And I still blame the (un)Affordable-Care(less) act...think about it...

The regime knew the law required a minimum coverage level - or no changes after implementation to remain grandfathered. The insurance companies knew about the grandfathering requirements - all they had to do was make a slight change to render their policies as unqualified...and did so.

The regime's intentional lack of transparency (gotta pass it to see what's in it - just like a stool sample) hid that potential gotcha from all of the people to be impacted. Would they have allowed their representatives to vote for this boondoggle knowing they would get screwed? Considering the Democrat mentality they probably would anyway!

I can't buy Juan Williams report!

This regime is destroying the country - let's hope we can change it before it is too late!

Yes, the peasants are revolting - and they'll be rebelling soon too!

Anonymous said...

Wait till the real numbers come in. Hold on to you pants!