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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Fruitland Police Department Press Release

DATE & TIME: Monday November 4, 2013 @ 1135 hoursINCIDENT: Assault / 4th Degree Sex Offense / False Imprisonment 
LOCATION: In the area of S. Camden Avenue @ Allen Road
SUSPECT: Charles O. Parsons IIICHARGES: Assault 2nd Degree

False Imprisonment

Sex Offense 4th Degree

SYNOPSIS: On November 4, 2013 officers responded to the 600 block of South Camden Avenue for a report of an attempted child abduction. Officers met with the juvenile victim (Age 11) who reported that while walking to a friend’s house the victim was approached by the suspect who attempted to make conversation. The victim stated they would not talk to strangers and the suspect grabbed the victim and attempted to pull the victim away from their intended destination. The victim screamed for help and was able to get away from the suspect. Responding officers checked the area and were able to locate the suspect in close proximity to the area where the incident took place. The suspect, identified as Charles O. Parsons III of Eden, Maryland, was placed under arrest and later transported to WCDC.


Anonymous said...

That is the area that those sign guys hang around, one even lives around the corner. All children are at risk with these animals being out there free hunting for children.

Anonymous said...

What sign guys might you be talking about and what does that have to do with an attempted child abduction?

Anonymous said...

This man suppose to be a Deacon in the church and has young grand children living in his home. He's sick and needs to be taught a lesson.Sicko!

Anonymous said...

He's a Deacon in the church he should be ashamed! What looks good ain't Always good.I thought he wss a good guy. Keep your young girls away from this child predator.

Anonymous said...

Correction his father is a deacon in the church and he's the son and yes he does live with small children but he is the Uncle