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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Want To Pay Less For Insurance?

Increasingly worthless Federal Funny Money – and increasingly hard-to-find decent-paying jobs – have put an economic choke-hold on millions of Americans, compelling them to cut back on everything that’s not absolutely essential.

Too bad they can’t cut back on insurance – which for most of them is as far from essential as Federal Reserve notes are from sound money.

Insurance is a terrible deal for most people. A financial sink-hole that grows wider and consumes more with each passing day (and each newly “adjusted” premium).

No doubt this is why it has been made mandatory.

First car – now health.



Anonymous said...

Some states allow you to post a "bond" showing sufficient savings to compensate for an accident to certain get to keep your money and earn interest.....

But your point is well made....

Anonymous said...

Our health insurance premium went up 257%.

Anonymous said...

If I choose not to own a car, I am not required to buy car insurance, and if I don't buy it, the IRS will not lien my house for non payment.

Osamacare is different in this manner.

Get it?