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Thursday, October 10, 2013

‘Shameful’: Local DC Officials Lose Cool With Dem Leaders Over Partial Shutdown

Democratic leaders who run the District of Columbia are rapidly losing patience with their Democratic colleagues in Congress and the White House, lashing out at them over the partial government shutdown and questioning their overall strategy.

The District already is dealing with lost tourism revenue, as some would-be visitors change vacation plans, knowing that D.C.'s top attractions like the Smithsonian museums are closed. But unlike other cities, Washington, D.C., also is not allowed to spend locally raised funds during the partial shutdown -- due to its unique status as federal district. City leaders have campaigned to have that restriction lifted, but so far only the Republican-led House has voted to allow it.

The impasse has D.C. Democrats suddenly on the side of Republicans, and publicly challenging Democrats.



Anonymous said...

The elitist plan for us is work,pay taxes and shut-up.

Anonymous said...

Where is the mouth of Washington D.C. Barium Mary when you need him? We need an internal examination by the mayor, or at least a new ebonic quote.

Anonymous said...

Yep, D.C. is not getting our money because of it.

My God! said...

Oh, Poo Poo Darn it! shucks and poopy-doo! I am VERY concerned on this matter. Check in with me in 2 weeks.