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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Girl Raped After Judge Sends Her To Sex Offender's Home

Charges are being considered against a Texas judge who sent a minor back into the home of a guardian who was living with a sex offender who later murdered the guardian and raped the juvenile, according to a lawsuit.

Also, three Texas teachers were indicted for failing to tell authorities about the student’s report of threats from the sex offender, the suit notes.

The consequences of the judge’s decision and the actions by the teachers were severe: The student was tied up and raped by the sex offender, who also murdered her guardian in front of the student, according to the lawsuit in Caldwell, Texas.
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Anonymous said...

What is is going to take for the courts to learn that these persons are not able to be changed and need to be kept from society indefinitly!

Anonymous said...

H.S., they need to be exterminated. They have NO value.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this judge should be charged, at the least, with aiding and abetting with a felony including child abuse, rape and assault. He needs to go to prison for the rest of his sorry life. He's worse than the sex offender.