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Thursday, October 10, 2013

David Craig On Maryland's Dismal Tax Foundation Ranking

Harford County Executive and Maryland candidate for Governor David R. Craig released the following statement today on the campaign's facebook page regarding the Tax Foundation's just-released business climate tax comparison.
"Maryland Ranks 41st on the 2014 Business Tax Climate Index. Maryland was ranked 22nd in 2006. We can do better."
The Tax Foundation's report comes on the heels of the Craig campaign raising concerns last week about Lt. Governor Anthony Brown skipping a manufacturing event in Towson. 
All of the major candidates for governor attended the October 4th forum and their positions on the jobs and economy, except for Brown, are available here:
"Anthony Brown should have attended this event," said Craig. "Voters do not know where he stands on growing jobs in the important manufacturing sector, and Maryland's business climate continues to stagnate under the O-Malley-Brown Administration's 40 tax, fee and toll increases that remove $3.1 billion out of the economy each year." 
The Regional Manufacturing Institute forum focused on a national study in which Maryland earned a "D" letter grade in the manufacturing sector compared to the other 49 states.


Anonymous said...

We'd better hurry up and elect this guy before he forgets everything he knows.Maryland tends to have that affect on those who run for governor.They know it all until elected.Then it's all downhill.

Anonymous said...

These numbers can't be right because Obama has visited all 57 states.