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Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 10-10-13

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Comment Worthy Of A Post 10-9-13":

If people like your "partner" keep with the negative attitudes such as nothing will change, people are stupid and will remain stupid, etc., for them, NOTHING will change.

But there are those of us who have not given up on this country quite yet. And by country, I mean the PEOPLE, not the government.

My gosh, we just had a MILLION bikers show up in D.C. a couple of weeks ago. And they are still coming, albeit in smaller numbers to escort WWII vets to THEIR/our memorial.

This weekend there will be at LEAST 3,000 trucks in D.C. protesting yet again. Not counting the private vehicles and other citizens who will show up in support.

I understand his and other people's frustrations. We ALL are frustrated and FED UP. But those of us not ready to throw in the towel just yet ask him and others to hang in there.

If people do NOTHING, that is just what they will receive, NOTHING.

You know as well as I it did not take a majority of people to start and fight our revolution. But it was fought and WON.

This time it is our OWN government we are fighting, not the British. If anyone has ever taken an OATH it states to protect the constitution and our country against ALL enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC.

This time the enemy is DOMESTIC. Meanng the enemy is inside us. Disguised as our government.

When they break laws, violate OUR constitution, they sure are not our friends.

They are taking the EXACT same steps as other MARXIST leaders have taken in their quest for tyranny and dictatorship. This is history repeating itself and can easily be verified by a simple search on the internet, or history books, if people still read. BEFORE they are rewritten.

We do have remedies available to us. FOR NOW. Use them.

PEACEFUL protests, assemble to voice grievances, petitions, calls and letters to congress/representatives, civil disobedience.

WE are NOT beat yet. The fight has just begun. Don't quit when it's just started. Don't quit without even TRYING.

If you can't go to a protest, send emails, make phone calls, use social media, whatever and ever thing that is available.

People forget WE outnumber them. WE outnumber politicians, police, even the military. And don't forget, even some of those are WITH US.

But you can't continue sitting on your collective butts waiting for someone else to do it for you.

You actually have to put some effort into it yourselves. IF you want to remain FREE.

Everyday more and more of our liberty is taken away, and more is threatened to be taken away. No, strike that.

They are not being taken away, YOU ARE GIVING THEM AWAY.

NOBODY can take a right away without it first being freely offered to be taken.

STOP offering and START KEEPING. That means you will have to stand up and say NO.

We are in charge of our own destiny, for the time being.

This may be our last chance to hold on to what we have had for over 200 years.

This is no joke.


Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson demanded that we throw out the Government on a regular basis to keep this kind of corruption and tyranny out of the Country. Jefferson understood with great vision that an unchecked Government would destroy the Republic. This corrupt Government will not get the message until We The People stand up and say enough!! however the Progressives with great wisdom has infected the school system, established Social Security systems and have deliberately brainwashed students in college to believe that a Socialist welfare State is the only way to enjoy life. Politicians are turning the youth into lemmings and mindless beings. If this generation does not rise up and again sacrifice ourselves in blood then we fail our own Country!!

Anonymous said...

That "sacrifice" is an option, but it is not upon us yet. Violence is, and always should be, a last option.

This is to be done in a lawful and peaceful way first.

We are not going there to start a war, arrest anyone, or be a part in any violent or unlawful actions.

It is asked of all those attending to follow these guidelines.

Be united but firm. Do not give anyone any reason to hijack to stop this event.

This is a peaceful and lawful assembly as guaranteed by the constitution.

It is not a mob rally. The whole country/world will be watching. Act like Americans, do not go to the level we are trying to rid ourselves from. Please.