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Friday, October 04, 2013

Please Wait?

“Please wait.”  The image below is what millions of Americans saw when they logged into the new healthcare exchanges they were forced to enter earlier this morning.

The people we’re supposed to trust with our healthcare, can’t even get their website running.  That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, now does it?
And it’s even worse in Maryland – our least expensive ObamaCare plan will be 83% higher than the lowest-cost plan sold in the state this year.  That’s right 83%.


Anonymous said...

Not only are the prices not affordable but the devil is really in the details.
Someone posted on here it was "apples to apples" coverage which may be true if you had a really really bad plan to begin with, otherwise it is substandard.
Kaiser has a quote page and I took it the other day and it quoted me on the platinum plan a few hundred dollars more a month with out of pocket costs more than I pay now with my private Care First plan.
Whoever dreamed this whole thing up had their head up their butt and anyone who would sign up without first checking on private plans also has their head up their butt.

Anonymous said...

Whoever "dreamed this up" made sure it would be a failure--the Marxists in control of this country want a single -payer healthcare system like Britain. That is the ultimate goal.

Anonymous said...

Sure don't mind single payer when it is medicare do you?

lmclain said...

WHO do you know that can afford $5000 deductibles? Who cares what the monthly rate is when you STILL have to come up with thousands of dollars more?

Anonymous said...

$5000 deductible will keep your premium low and make you think twice about running to the ER. One trip uninsured could cost you $50,000 and drive you into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

It's also going to make people "thing twice" about running to an urgent care center or a family practitioner 11:48. These high deductibles result in a relatively minor illness escalating into a major one which in turn raises premiums across the board.
Your logic is flawed.