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Friday, October 04, 2013

The Dissolution Of The Black Family

The 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, and of the Reverend Martin Luther King’s memorable “I have a dream” speech, is a time for reflections — some inspiring, and some painful and ominous.

At the core of Dr. King’s speech was his dream of a world in which people would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by “the content of their character.”

Judging individuals by their individual character is at the opposite pole from judging how groups are statistically represented among employees, college students or political figures.

Yet many — if not most — of those who celebrate the “I have a dream” speech today promote the directly opposite approach of group preferences, especially those based on skin color.

How consistent Martin Luther King himself was as he confronted the various issues of his time is a question that can be left for historians. His legacy to us is the “I have a dream” speech.



Anonymous said...

Sad he didn't remain with us to see that through.Things would have been much different with his leadership through example.If people like JFK and MLK had lived the world would have been a better place.

Anonymous said...

Amen 6:22.

Anonymous said...

Great comment 6:22. Agree completely. If they had lived we'd have had National healthcare years ago and we wouldn't be going through this Obamacare fight now.

Anonymous said...

Few seem to know that King was a Republican.

Anonymous said...

742, uhhh, no.

We would be a free society with privately owned health insurance companies operating in a free market system dealing competitively nationwide without state barriers, and without a layer of 10,000 federal overlords killing the profit margins.

As it should be.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how his words are so misused.

His dream was for a color blind America where every person could raise up and enjoy the full American Dream. To be able to earn a decent living and not be enslaved by the Establishment.

Instead people use him to try to enslave people even more with more and more benefits. Although their new master is Uncle Sam. Slavery is still slavery. Those benefits come with a lot of rules that enslave. They only empower the real slave masters the elite in government.

The poor get poorer and have a smaller and smaller chance of obtaining the American Dream.

Anonymous said...

Support Abortion.
It means fewer welfare Democrats in the future.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about being rich is that I know some very wealthy people that are not happy. One of the happiest people I have ever known was my Grandmother. She was lower middle income I guess. She never owned a car. She gave birth to 8 children. All raised on a small share cropper farm in North Carolina. She had strong christian values. She never took a dime from Uncle Sam. My Grandfather served in two wars. He was one of the smartest men I have ever known. He said "they will never have to fire a shot on American soil to take over, we will fail ourselves". Wow was he right. All eight children by the way made it off the farm and became hard working law abiding Americans.

I guess what I am saying is yes Dr.King had a great dream. The bottom line is too many Americans see the dream as a Lexus and a big house. I dont think he meant it in the way of material things that one does not work for. The dream is what you wake it. The ability to look outside the box and find happiness in what you have found and not what you seek.

There is no excuse for skin color holding you back. That died years ago. You can use it as a crutch if you want to.

Oh yea I forgot one thing. We should kill all the politicians. Then the lawyers. lol