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Friday, October 04, 2013

Petition Gains 300,000 Signatures To Freeze Pay For Congress During Shutdown

With the federal government shutdown, a new petition gaining strong support will demand that lawmakers on Capital Hill have their paychecks frozen.

After the Republicans and Democrats were unable to come to a deal, the federal government shut down at Midnight, Tuesday morning. With thousands of workers furloughed, national parks and museums closing and millions of Americans not knowing what will come next, the one thing that stayed the same was that pay for all members of Congress will continue.

Presented by, a petition was started that demands that all members of Congress not be paid during the remainder of the shutdown. The petition statement is clear and to the point, gaining thousands of signatures each hour.



Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! Constitution doesn't allow it.

Anonymous said...

2:35 Obama threw out the Constitution 5 years ago. When it comes down to "We The People" it doesn't count anymore.

Anonymous said...

aah, but when you read it (unlike Obamacare), it states that they blame the GOP for the shutdown and said it would simply be fixed if the "Tea Party" Republicans would just fund the healthcare. Um, no thanks. Not signing something so bass ackwards and full of low information rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

doesn't matter now since all furloughed employees will now receive back pay. Oh boy!! more vacation time!
What a crock of $hit!

Anonymous said...

Yes, As long as you hold mine freeze, no void their paychecks! Mine is not to be a hostage, yours is gone as well.

Obama Crooked Motors said...

Excellent idea. But as 2:35 correctly poinfed out - Constitution Does say the members of Congress still receive salaries. But it doesn't say how much. So I say slash their paychecks to minimum and let them know how rest of the Americans feel these days.