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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gansler Evades Answering A Media Scrum

It was the kind of media scrum you see in movies. A crowd of perhaps 20 reporters and videographers was chasing a source who didn’t want to talk.

That was the scene at High Point High School in Beltsville Monday at noon, as Attorney General Doug Gansler scooted into a waiting SUV with a state trooper at the wheel. Supporters had run interference as the AG made his exit.

The typically talkative Gansler had just been speechifying to these reporters as he announced his running mate for lieutenant governor, Del. Jolene Ivey, an alumna of this Prince George’s County high school. Ivey too, after her acceptance speech, hopped quickly into a private black Cadillac Escalade.



Anonymous said...

Let's elect a power drunk Democrat this time!

Anonymous said...

Did he leave red lights and siren? Probably didn't have a shoulder to drive on so he used the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

Why is he allowed to use state resources while "pollatickin"?

Anonymous said...

Just another political liar - the only reason he is in the running is to fill his pockets at the expense of the working class. Next election time to clean house from dog catcher to President.