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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Child Soldiers In Syria

Abboud , 12, and his brother Deeb, 14 fighting with the opposition in Aleppo’s Sheikh Saeed neighborhood.
These kids will probably be showing up in some future video laid out on some slab while some adult lays blame on Assad for killing children.
I notice the one kids has a radio. I wonder if that's provided by uncle Obama

Obama waived the child soldier ban before so i guess he isn't going to care now either, but i'm curious if anyone knows what "brigade" or troop or whatever they are with.
The kid in blue has an arm patch i'm thinking shows what group they are in. If anyone knows.


Anonymous said...

it's always a good idea to drag the muzzle of your AK along the road like that. i guess nobody ever taught little dweeb or abdab or whatever that old soldiers maxim: "take care of your rifle and it will take care of you". still, if they live long enough, at least they will grow up to be real men, unlike the nutless ninnies we are currently producing hear in obamastan.

Anonymous said...

damn,i spelled "here" wrong.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the blues the crips and the reds the bloods?

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! Military service should be mandatory for all the rock throwing little snots over there.

Anonymous said...

That's al Qaeda armbands, and we provide the ammo via Benghazi