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Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Racist Liberal System

George Zimmerman was tried, convicted and sentenced in the media on the charge of Racism in the First Degree without a single piece of supporting evidence other than the bare fact of his altercation with a black man.

Had there been a time when Zimmerman had uttered a racial slur then NBC or the New York Times would have dug it up and presented it to readers and viewers first thing next morning. Instead the volume of opposing evidence, including Zimmerman’s advocacy on behalf of a homeless black man assaulted by police was ignored as a fact inconvenient to the racial narrative.



Anonymous said...

The race baiters and racist blacks were not able to sway the rule of law. The facts were weighed long before they started their wrongful definitions. And after over a year of total ignorance by them, the verdict was innocent. The ones who should have been tried are those who attempted to without and exaggerate evidence. They should all be in prison.

Anonymous said...

The race baiters will not stop--they make too much money on it!

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman was prosecuted for the 'crime' of defending himself against black aggression. Folks are slowly beginning to take a stand against this plague and the racists don't like it. And, yeah, I know that other blacks are often the victims as well. Hopefully, they'll start to fight back, too.