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Friday, May 31, 2013

Dying 4-Year-Old Girl Finds Life-Savers In Land Of The Enemy

The young girl was dying when she arrived in the land of her country’s enemy.

A heart condition had left the 4-year-old Syrian struggling to walk or even talk.

But in Israel – a country still in a state of cease-fire with Syria after the Yom Kippur War four decades ago -- she found her saviors.

Admitted earlier this month to the Wolfson Medical Center, south of Tel Aviv, she underwent life-saving surgery.



Anonymous said...

a country who honors God. a country who respects life and the sanctity of life. a country we can respect.

Anonymous said...

Again, people kept from education and taught BS believe the BS until they witness the truth. Keeping them under burquas and telling them their bloodline makes them superior makes them good suicude bomber fodder.

Anonymous said...

Leaders that obama should be looking up to instead the muslim wants to destroy them. GOD will always bless Israel.