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Friday, May 31, 2013

Check Out This Possible Recall

What do you get for enacting legislation that the vast majority of voters in your state support? Recall. Well, at least in Colorado you do. Several Democratic state lawmakers are facing recall petitions because of their votes for stronger gun control. State Senate President John Morse and the three other Democratic lawmakers were not the main sponsors of gun control legislation, but all come from districts where Republicans believe they can gather plenty of support for their recall. The National Rifle Association has also gotten involved, by sending a political mailer saying it is working with local recall groups. In an interview with New England Cable News, State Senator Morse seemed to expect the recall vote to happen. He said gun-rights advocates are using his district to make a national statement about what happens who lawmakers to support gun control. "That's what's going on here," he said, "They want to take out the Senate President." These lawmakers are the people who enacted gun laws that voters wanted. Now it's time to get out there, and ensure they aren't recalled for doing the people's business.


Daddio said...

"...Now it's time to get out there, and ensure they aren't recalled for doing the people's business..."

Wrong. Exactly the opposite.

Now is the time for them TO BE RECALLED, for attempting to prevent law abiding folks from obtaining and using guns, which is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Yes, obviously they were elected to do what the people wanted them to do, but then did not what they were elected/wanted by the people to do...starting to wish I lived in Colorado...

Anonymous said...

Lets do the same here in Maryland. We should begin on the local level with Conway, Cane and Mathias.

Anonymous said...

9:00 Colorado has a shot, but MD is too far left. It will never happen.

Hell, out of 50+ emails and letters to every single delegate in MD, I have received ONLY 2 replies from Mikulski (sp?) and that's it. never received any sort of reply from der fuhrer O'Malley, except an unsolicited email about some other BS agenda he was pushing.

They don't listen, they don't care what we think. Besides, he now has to worry about paying for, feeding and clothing some gangsters baby mommas.