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Friday, May 31, 2013

CBS Anchorman’s Clueless Apology

CBS news anchor Scott Pelley offered an apology — for the wrong reason

“Our house is on fire,” said the CBS News managing editor and evening anchor. Pelley, in a recent speech at Quinnipiac University, said: “Today, right now, as we occupy this house (of American journalism) that was built for us, our house is on fire. These have been a bad few months for journalism. We’re getting the big stories wrong, over and over again.”



Anonymous said...

used to be they wrote the facts, now they copy w/o verification & copy & paste. so intent on "scooping", the truth is buried. then they tell you what they think rather than what is.

lmclain said...

They are not "getting it wrong". They are IGNORING them. Wasn't it ABC New that went almost 2 months without a story on the Benghazi attack? CNN slanted their coverage of the IRS scandal to make it seem like the IRS really wasn't doing anything wrong. When you are "in the pocket" of the people you are SUPPOSED to have an adversarial relationship with, "getting it wrong" is par for the course.