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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pesky Animals

As more people switch to organic diets, many have found joy in urban farming. In addition to growing their own healthy produce, some people have also started raising small livestock, like chickens, to generate more of their own food supply. As the trend has caught on, more people have been left wondering... what do they do with their feathered friends when they need to leave town? Well, Bill Bezuk of Oregon now has an answer. Chicken owners can book a room at Bill's luxury chicken hotel. Yes, you heard that right. Mr. Bezuk used to offer a basic chicken sitting service, but realized the potential for more, and built the very first luxury hotel for the birds in the U.S. He calls it The Nest, and for $3 a day, guests receive deluxe accommodations, which include organic food, fresh vegetables, and a turn-down service. Apparently, there are already a handful of chicken-boarding businesses in the U.K., including Fowlty Towers in Cowden, which offers spa treatments and chicken pedicures. Seriously... they really do.

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